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The Yemeni Women Union has worked since its establishment to improve women’s social, educational, health, political, and political situations. The YWU believes in the importance of  women’s participation. It  has aimed to build the  capacity of women to be an active partner in the development process and to become leaders in decision making position.

The YWU creates  plans and programs to raise awareness among society about the importance of  women’s rights. It provides volunteer services for all women through life skills, legal protection, health and educational programs.

The YWU has also conducted several research studies that aim to understand better gender and the needs of women in Yemen in order improve projects design and activities of local, international, and governmental organizations.  It also was able to implement many projects that aimed to elevate poverty of women and families with partnership with civil society organization in order to achieve the Millennium Goals.

In this book we will review the achievements of the YWU in 2010 and 2011.


Ramzia Aleryani

Chairwoman of Yemeni Women Union


Film Competition

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Are You a Victim of Violence?



Queen Arwa Initiative Campaign


2011 Report

YWU Achievements 2011